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System Features

DetailsUnplayed Matches9/6/2017
DetailsData Export9/6/2017
DetailsScoring Rule Notes9/6/2017
DetailsAdmin-only Scoring Rules9/6/2017
DetailsLeague ‘Complete’ status9/6/2017
DetailsMatch History9/6/2017
DetailsLeague Deletion3/20/2017
DetailsBetter Test League support for Club Admins3/20/2017
DetailsCustomizable columns on Standings page2/5/2017
DetailsManual re-calculation of League Standings2/5/2017
DetailsClubs Administrator Information1/17/2017
DetailsLeague Management1/17/2017
DetailsCustomizable Email Subject1/17/2017
DetailsEmail Recipient Information1/17/2017
DetailsEmail Archiving1/17/2017
DetailsClub-level Privacy Policies1/17/2017
DetailsMobile Phone field12/9/2016
DetailsMatch Result Ordering12/9/2016
DetailsFriendly Matches3/8/2016
DetailsAutomatic Player Deactivation1/5/2016
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